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To pay with a credit card, fill out the information below. To pay with your checking account, Click here to download the EFT Membership form. Complete the EFT Membership Agreement and email ( or fax (517-787-3940) to the ASA office.

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As an ASA member, I hereby authorize the American Suntanning Association (ASA) to debit the provided credit card for the stated "Annual Total" amount annually or the "Monthly Total" amount monthly in the payment of membership dues agreed to by me, the Member. This authorization shall remain in effect until cancelled by the Member. The Member hereby authorizes the financial institution named above to accept transfer instructions from the American Suntanning Association and to debit the undersigned's designated account described above.

ASA is a Section 501(c)(6) nonprofit organization. As such, contributions of gifts to this organization are not deductible as charitable contributions for Federal income tax purposes. However, payments of membership dues are deductible for most members of a trade association under Section 162 of the Internal Revenue Code as ordinary and necessary business expenses.

The Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1993 disallows tax deductions of the portion of dues which are used by organizations for legislative lobbying. ASA has determined that 100% of dues are not deductible as ordinary and necessary business expenses.
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