About Us

The American Suntanning Association is a values-based coalition of professional sunbed salons committed to teaching the vision of responsible and balanced sun care and engaging in higher-level discussion about UV exposure and indoor tanning. The ASA’s primary objective will be to play a lead role in the development of scientifically supported information regarding UV light from the sun, sunbeds and spray tanning by working with scientific groups, government agencies and the media.

Founded in 2012, the American Suntanning Association is committed to growing the industry through a detailed and proactive plan directed by an all-salon board and executed by more than two dozen management and consulting team members who specialize in this type of work.

    • Melinda Norton, ASA Board President
    • Chris Sternberg, Sun Tan City, based in Elizabethtown, KY
    • Diane Lucas, Palm Beach Tan, based in Dallas, TX
    • Zach Neugebauer, Year Round Brown, based Sioux Falls, SD
    • Tony Toepfer, Zoom Tan, based in Naples, FL
    • Matt Russell, Executive Director
    • Joseph Levy, Scientific Advisor
    • Bart Bonn, Immediate Past President