ASA Takes Different Course For 2018 National Trade Show

Over the past six months, the American Suntanning Association (ASA) has held lengthy discussions with tanning industry vendors and industry leaders to evaluate the pros and cons of hosting a national convention for the indoor tanning industry in 2018. After completing a full evaluation on the feasibility of a large-scale convention for all parties, the stakeholders and industry leaders involved in this process determined that a full-scale, national event would not be what’s best for the market for this year. “As the indoor tanning market continues to evolve, our trade show venue needs to evolve too,” according to ASA President Melinda Norton. “ASA is working hard to be sensitive to the needs of all groups that make up the tanning industry as we plan for our overall meeting objectives.”

ASA’s primary function is to promote the future of a responsible sunbed community. The primary objective of a national ASA industry convention has been to inform industry members on the state of the industry, including state and federal lobbying efforts, industry research, and other important activities designed to promote and defend the industry. Keeping the salon market informed and educated about critical issues is a primary reason for hosting such an event.

To continue to meet these objectives, the ASA will be giving industry presentations at various regional events hosted by independent industry suppliers. These distributors are creating opportunities for ASA to provide important information to the salon retailers that plan to attend these functions. “ASA will be working closely with regional event providers to continue to provide salon owners with the important information that only ASA can deliver,” said Norton. “We look forward to meeting face-to-face with industry leaders at these events.”

ASA encourages salon owners to search for an event in your area that will be supporting ASA by providing a venue for salons to receive this critical industry information. More information about ASA event participation will be provided as it becomes available. You can also look for updates on

For questions or information regarding ASA events or other inquiries, contact the ASA or call 855-879-7678.