Wired for Joy: Nashville speaker preaches the power of feelings in business

When most of you arrive in Nashville and get settled in at your beautiful hotel and ready for a weekend of education and fun with people you may know or may just be getting to know, you likely experience a certain type of feeling. You probably don’t consciously consider it; it’s just there. That feeling you get from the buzz of the city and being around people that are excited and passionate about the same things as you…it’s joy!

After the feeling of joy permeates you, you feed the joy of those around you, namely your co-workers. Then, when you return home, you and your employees feel invigorated with knowledge and the camaraderie of the international tanning family, and you probably see an uptick in attitude, productivity, sales and other positive factors in your business. And your clients can feel it too.

Harnessing that joy and turning it into a constant in your business is the idea that keynote speaker Amanda Gore will share with the tanning community at the ASA World Summit Conference and Open Board Meeting in Nashville, Oct. 6-7.

“Everything in business is about feelings. In a small business, how you’re feeling in yourself as a leader, how you’re feeling about your staff, how your staff feel about you, how clients feel when they come to the business, how the clients feel when they leave the business, all that matters, and it’s probably the most important thing in a business,” Amanda says. “You can tie customer service, employee loyalty, employee engagement, customer advocacy, all of those things depend on how people feel about the service they received, the treatment they get and the leadership they have.”

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