War on Women

ASA will post a different message every two weeks for you to copy and paste into an email to your US representative. There will also be a link that will direct you to your representatives email portal to make it that much easier. This message and link will be posted on AmericanSuntanning.org and on Smarttan.com every two weeks. Set your calendar to remind you to go to one of the sites to get your new message and complete your plea to your representative. Sending the email will take less than a minute, so if you have time, make a call to your member and leave the same message over the phone.

Imagine if every member of the indoor tanning industry were to contact their representative twice a month to remind them of how devastating the tan tax has been to their business or their job. Imagine the impact it would have on making the tan tax repeal a priority and finally putting an end to this onerous tax.

Stop imagining and take action today.

April 16, 2018 Message:


Before the 10% tan tax was implemented in 2010, there were more than 18,000 primarily women-owned tanning salons in the US employing more than 160,000 women. After eight years of this unfair tax, more than 10,000 businesses have closed and more than 100,000 women have lost their jobs. Making matters worse, this tax has only raised a small fraction of its projections and has failed in every way possible. In 2009, CBO projected the Tan Tax would generate $270 million per year. OMB and IRS reveal that the Tan Tax has raised only $79 million per year and those numbers continue to shrink. By closing 10,000 businesses and putting more than 100,000 American women out of work, the Tan Tax may actually cost The U.S. Treasury in lost income taxes, lost payroll taxes, unemployment insurance and SBA loan defaults. Women’s businesses continue to close every day due to the tan tax. Women business owners need your help NOW! REPEAL THE UNFAIR 10% TAN TAX – SUPPORT H.R. 1150 AND S. 2600

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April 2, 2018 Message:


The federal government is attacking female-business owners while giving male-dominated businesses a free pass. How do I know the federal government is targeting women? Because fitness clubs and other non-salon male-dominated businesses don’t have to pay the tax. While fitness clubs with unregulated, unsupervised tanning continue to grow, professionally certified tanning salons are closing their doors. Women make up the majority of the indoor tanning industry – nationally over 70% of tanning salon owners are women, 99% of our employees are women, and more than 75% of tanning consumers are women. Thanks to the 10% tan tax, more than 100,000 women have lost their jobs and their businesses. This tax has only raised a small fraction of its projections and has failed in every way possible. Attacking female small business owners and employees cannot be a viable solution to any problem. It’s time for this unfair tax to end.


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