Support Your Industry One Quarter at a Time

What can you do with a quarter in your business?

These days, 25 cents doesn’t go too far, but when you add up tens of thousands of quarters from tanning businesses around the country, it’s a much different story. That’s why U.S. salons are asking their lotion suppliers to add a quarter to every bottle of lotion purchased as part of the ASA’s market growth initiative.

Distributors are managing the paperwork and sending checks to the ASA to fund efforts to protect your business and pursue market growth. Participating salons receive “ASA Industry Supporter” status and will receive a declaration certificate.

A quarter from each bottle of lotion you sell will help us:

  • Repeal the unfair 10% federal tan tax. Thanks to ASA representatives meeting with hundreds of House Members and Senators for the past several years, Washington now understands why it is so important to repeal this devastating tax. High-ranking officials have assured us that the tan tax repeal will be included in future legislation.
  • Fight overreaching state regulations and bans. We are seeing a new threat by anti-tanning groups working to get indoor tanning under the jurisdiction of state departments that can increase oversight, inspections and fines for the industry. We have been successful so far in keeping these at bay, but our opponents appear to not be satisfied with under-18 bans.
  • Change the federal government’s position on indoor tanning. The ASA federal lobbying team has been focused on making contact with new agency staff and leadership appointed by the new administration. Most agencies are still in the process of staffing but so far meethings with the new hires have been encouraging and they seem much more supportive of our industry’s issues than what we experienced over the last eight years
  • Fund the industry’s only lawsuit to stop false claims against our market. The Nebraska Cancer Coalition (NCC) lawsuit filed by ASA member tanning salons in Nebraska is still underway. It was reported that the lawsuit is scheduled to go to trial by summer of 2018. ASA members state that their objectives remain the same – to prove the industry’s scientifically supported position in a forum where the entire story will be heard. A legal victory would also impact the false statements made by various anti-tanning groups around the country.

Future Industries, Heartland, PC Tan, Four Seasons, Tanning Supplies Unlimited, New Sunshine and Sunless Inc. are already participating in the program. If you use other vendors, encourage them to get involved and help support the future of our industry. Together, we can grow your business and the industry one quarter at a time.

To complete the enrollment in the lotion program, there are just a few simple steps.

  1. Go to
  2. Complete the Salon Participation Agreement and email ( or fax (517-787-3940) to the ASA office.
  3. Complete the Supplier Support Agreement with your information. Then send to your supplier for them to complete their information.
  4. Start placing your lotion orders. It’s that simple!