Lobbying, Legal and PR Efforts Continue into 2017

The American Suntanning Association is making great strides toward meeting our industry’s objectives and changing the direction of the indoor tanning market. While you’re reading some of ASA’s highlights below, please consider that all of this has been accomplished with a small budget coming from a small percentage of salons in our industry. Imagine what could be accomplished with your help.

Since the ASA began in 2012, we have been focusing on a long-term game plan that will positively impact the market for many years to come. The foundation for ASA’s game plan and objectives is solid scientific research. This critical science is necessary to support our legal, PR and lobbying efforts.

Over the past four years, the ASA has digested every piece of UV-related research that has been the basis for anti-tanning attacks. Over that same period of time, independent researchers have updated much of the science previously used against us. Additionally, new research now shows that the damaging studies regarding tanning equipment had nothing to do with commercial tanning units from professional tanning salons. Careful analysis has shown that the equipment used in these studies were medical phototherapy units and unsupervised home equipment.

We’ve also seen a broad range of studies showing that the benefits of UV light far outweigh the risks of sunburn. These new studies have come from a number of independent sources which all draw the same conclusion: Humans need regular moderate UV exposure for good health.

ASA’s game plan continues to evolve as we focus our resources on the efforts that have the best potential to help us achieve our objectives. Now that we have developed a substantial library of scientific research, ASA’s lobbying, PR and legal efforts are well-focused and making great progress.

We have successfully challenged CDC statements and continue our work to change their position with research support from renowned scientists. We have had several meetings with the CDC and will continue to communicate with them on a scientific level. Two meetings were held with the FDA this year with the latest scientific meeting yielding great opportunities to challenge the science supporting the FDA’s proposed rules. We continue to communicate with the FDA throughout this process.

The foundation for a successful Tan Tax Repeal bill has been completed to a large degree, with 110 co-sponsors signed on. We are now working to get it into an appropriate piece of legislation to get the bill passed.

Under-18 state regulatory efforts have been minimal, partially due to the proposed federal under-18 ban proposed by the FDA. Several efforts by our opponents to influence state departments for additional regulations were identified and lobbied successfully.

The Nebraska Cancer Coalition lawsuit is now in the discovery phase of litigation. This suit will set a precedent that should impact all anti-tanning groups and their misstatements. The ASA’s legal team is already sending letters to other groups placing them on notice that their messages are intentionally harmful and scientifically unsubstantiated.

The above information represents a small part of ASA’s activities. Much of ASA’s work cannot be published in an open forum. But you can learn the details of the work that is changing the future of your business by getting involved. Please contact the ASA and find out how you can make a significant impact in your area by working with the ASA team. We will help you every step of the way. And we can all get to the finish line a lot faster if we all pull together. Please call 855-879-7678 or email info@americansuntanning.org today.