Join The Fight!

The American Suntanning Association has had several thousand meetings in Washington, DC over the past five years on behalf of your business and this industry. There are a lot of issues to cover and a lot of people to impact for our industry to meet our objectives. We are working to repeal the onerous 10 percent tan tax, to change the federal government’s position on UV light and to stave off harmful federal and state regulations. This sounds like a lot of work because it is.

Fortunately, ASA has developed a well-organized team to manage this enormous effort. And though the ASA has a strong team working for you, there is still only so much this group can do without your help. To win this battle waged against our industry and your business, we need advocates from every state willing to make a phone call or pay a visit to their local member of Congress.

Becoming an industry advocate is easier than you think. We’re not asking you to take on a part-time job working several days a week. We know that’s unrealistic. But can you attend a political function once a year? Can you send an email or letter or make a phone call to your representative? This small effort is relatively easy, and the rewards will surprise you.

Whether you make contact with your Representative in person, by phone, or through personalized email, it will make a significant impact. Senators and Representatives love hearing from someone from home. And local constituents have far more impact with these powerful politicians than any association or lobbying group representative. This level of outreach is critical to the success of our industry’s federal lobbying efforts and meeting the objectives that help your business

Now, don’t be nervous. You don’t need extensive knowledge of politics and relevant issues to meet with your representatives and make a positive impact. We will supply you with information and coaching that you need to feel comfortable and make your visit as impactful as possible. We’ll be with you every step of the way.

So, what I would like you to do is this: (Are you ready?) Send an email to right now. Let Dale know that you would be interested in making a few phone calls a year, or paying a visit to a local representative. That’s all it takes.

The ASA has created a powerful organization to help defend and improve your business and we need your help. Please contact us today.

For more information about working with the ASA, call 855-879-7678 or email