Get the Insider Information on the Future of Tanning

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Due to the sensitive nature of most of the American Suntanning Association’s lobbying, legal and public relations efforts, only a small fraction of the information can be communicated in a public forum. That’s why the ASA World Summit Conference and Open Board Meeting this October provides a unique opportunity. It’s a rare chance for salon owners to get the full story on what the ASA has planned for defending and improving our industry’s position in the coming years. The meeting will be held throughout a series of sessions at the Oct. 6-7 event.

The Open Board Meeting sessions will feature security measures intended to prevent anyone from outside the industry from attending and receiving sensitive information. ASA will also ask that all industry insiders refrain from discussing sensitive information that is discussed at the meeting.

The following Salon Owner Track sessions will include presenters Matt Russell, ASA Executive Director, Joseph Levy, ASA Scientific Advisor, Melinda Norton, ASA Board President, Barton Bonn, ASA Immediate Past President, Whitney Tyler, ASA Legislative Director, and Chris Sternberg, ASA Board Member/Legal Adviser.


The American Suntanning Association is changing the conversation in Washington, D.C., about UV and sunbeds through a proactive approach that addresses every member of Congress, the White House and all of the federal agencies that deal with sun exposure policy and indoor tanning. This session will discuss ASA’s recent significant actions on The Tan Tax repeal, reshaping FDA regulatory initiatives, challenging CDC to correct its position on UV policy, holding other government agencies accountable for research funding on our topic and working with the administration and agencies to eliminate obsolete or scientifically misguided programs. We’ll also look at how ASA is working with associations worldwide to coordinate the professional sunbed community’s efforts.


Research in the past year has added balance to the science of photobiology and has vindicated our market’s responsible position about commercial sunbed usage. That’s at the heart of a lawsuit brought by ASA member salons in Nebraska. Part II of the owner’s track will review how research and a responsible message are fueling the future of professional tanning in the United States, how the Nebraska lawsuit ( is already putting anti-sun groups on notice and how both play a role in shaping how the market has successfully repositioned both federal and state regulatory relations. You will walk out of this session with a better understanding of what your salon needs to do moving forward to be part of the industry’s successful future and how you can easily get involved in ASA’s efforts.


Many in the outside world have a negative perception of indoor tanning and this can only be changed through our actions at home. Improving the way we provide our services to our customers and communicating these professional standards to our communities will play an important role in creating a more positive image for our businesses. This session will outline what you can do in your salon, in your community and in your state to improve the future of this industry and your business.

Please note: These sessions will be restricted to salon owners and identification will be verified prior to entering the meeting.

If you have any questions about the ASA World Summit, call 855-879-7678 or email For information on registration and hotel availability in Nashville, visit