ASA Makes an Impact in St. Charles

The American Suntanning Association gave a one-hour presentation at the Four Seasons National Tanning Expo on October 22 in St. Charles, MO. ASA President Melinda Norton and ASA Executive Director Matt Russell updated more than one hundred ASA session attendees on the critical issues that face tanning salon owners today. The session covered the different level of attacks orchestrated by anti-sun groups over the past ten years, outlining the motivating factors and how the industry was caught off guard. “We have certainly come a long way since ASA’s inception in 2012,” said Norton. “With more than five years and over 3,000 meetings on Capitol Hill under our belt, we won’t be caught off guard again,” she said.

The presentation was designed for business owners who are reinvesting into the indoor tanning industry, so they can understand how the industry is positioned today and what the future looks like from here. Industry players need to understand the details of potential regulations and attacks that may impact how they advance their respective businesses. “ASA has our eye on the ball for the U.S. indoor tanning industry. We are involved in every detail of state and federal regulatory issues, UV-related science, and even global issues. If something is going on that could possibly impact the U.S. indoor tanning market, we hear about it immediately,” said Russell.

After more than five years and thousands of meetings, the ASA team has interacted with every government group that has the potential to impact the US market. The hundreds of relationships that have been built over the past 5-6 years has been very constructive and involve working with agencies and other groups to help build an indoor tanning environment that is best suited for U.S. consumers who choose to tan indoors. These relationships have also created a communication network that alerts ASA if there is something tanning related in the works. “We have set up an extremely efficient communication network that allows our team to track, learn, and react to anything that comes at the market,” said Norton.

One of the most effective ways to impact the future of the industry is in the hands of the thousands of businesses that make up the market. More and more tanning salons are becoming involved with the ASA, making the network that much stronger when it comes to getting our collective voices heard. “Having business owners from home districts contact their U.S. member of Congress or Senators is the single most important tool used to influence change for our industry,” said Norton. “Today, I’m hearing from more legislators that they are being contacted by retail business owners back home, and they react to that message on a much higher level than other types of communications.”

The most impactful thing that can be accomplished for our industry today is to get more tanning salon owners involved with the ASA. ASA’s strategy, experience, and infrastructure are well positioned to defend and promote the US market better than any other time in our history. “I’m hoping salon owners come to appreciate how powerful their voice can become if they’re working with our well-organized team. By joining the ASA, a salon owner can help determine the future of their business by providing the necessary resources to build a stronger market,” said Norton.

ASA will be giving their industry presentation at the following industry events scheduled for 2019:

America’s Tanning Expo presented by Heartland

February 1-2, 2019

Blue Springs, MO


PC Tan Expo

February 9, 2019

Hasbrouck Heights, NJ


For more information, contact ASA at info@americansuntanning.orgor call 855-879-7678.